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Parish of the Sacred Heart

At St Peter's we value the importance of regular attendance at Mass.

Mass times:

Saturday 5.00 pm

Sunday 9.30 am - Family/School/Parish Mass

Sunday 11.00 am - High Mass

10 am - Weekday Masses except for Thursday morning

Classes attend  week day Masses once a term to celebrate mass as an addition to Family Sunday worship.

family mass church pic

Attending a School Mass at 9:30am on a Sunday

Contact Details

Parish Priest/Pastor: Fr Jim Teeling

Deacon: Rev Stephen Newman
Church of the Sacred Heart
63 West Street

Kent ME10 1AN

01795 472619 (Presbytery)
01795 555708 (Parish Office)

Parish Priest's Email:sacredheartsittingbourne@yahoo.co.uk
Secretary's Email:secretarysacredheart@yahoo.co.uk
Carmel Hall Bookings: Sheree Sowery tel. 01795 555708